General information (English)

General information (english)

Below is some general information about the floorball section. If you have any further queries don't hesitate to send us an email.

Floorball practices are played during the following periods:

Autumn 2019:
Teams 2009-2004 and the open groups for adults: week 34-week 51 (no practices week 44, weekend week 51)
Team boys 2010: week 35-week 51 (no practice week 44, weekend week 51)
Groups 2012, 2011 and F10-11: week 36-week 51 (no practice week 44, weekend week 51)
Groups 2013: week 37-week 51 (no practices week 44, weekend week 51)

Spring 2020: 8 January - 24 May (excluding 24 februari-1 march, 6-13 april, 30 april, 21 may))

During the first years (2013-2011) the teams are completely lead by the parents. When they start playing games on week ends (2010-2004) every team gets a coach from the club. The open groups for adults does not have coaches at all.


Note that you are allowed to attend a couple of sessions before paying the fees. Invoices are automatically sent out when you register but if you after the test sessions no longer wish to continue please contact and inform us of this at

The fees per term are (on top of a membership fee of 300 kr per year):
Born 2013: 850 kr
Born 2011-2012: 1050 kr
For teams playing matches: 1450 kr
F05-06 and P06-07 training: 1250
Adults: 650 kr

Included in the fee are coach salaries, rent of training facilities, insurance, club administration, material for coaches and for 2013 born clothes for the children.


NSK have a web shop where the players/families buy clothes (the new players born 2013 there are clothes included in the fee*). We want all of our members to wear the offical clothes to practices and matches. The yellow match jersey for the older teams playing games are given out by the coaches.

You find the shop here:

*When register for the Groups born 2013 you have to choose size and when the fee is paid we order a starting kit for you. The kit gets delivered to our office (Tre Liljor 3, 113 44, Stockholm) and you can collect it here when you get an e-mail saying it is here.


Players are expected to bring their own stick, appropriate shoes and protective glasses.

Almost every holiday/break we offer camps for our players. The perfect opportunity to practice a lot of floorball and improve your skills and also an excellent to spend your free days with your friends.

Read more and register for the camps HERE:

If you ahave any further queries don't hesitate to email us at innebandy(a) and we'll do our best to help you as best as we can.

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